Creating the Best Content for Your WordPress Site

Maintaining a WordPress site for income has become extremely popular over the past few years. However many people have the misconception that simply having regularly updated content is enough to keep readers coming to the site. There is not enough value placed on putting good content on your site every day. Here is a guide […]

Blitzthemes..everything Wordpress

With over 60 million sites using Wordpress Themes, our team at Blitzthemes decided to build a resource for the said millions, to help make their sites look cool and easy to navigate.
There are so many Plugins and Themes available, with probably a new one being produced every minute, the problem of actually getting your site up and running quickly, instead of spending hours searching for the perfect combo of style and functionality, makes life complicated for the casual blogger or the online entrepreneur.
We will be continuously updating the content as and when we find new and exciting Wordpress goodies for you to use.

Wordpress Tips

Remove Unwanted Items From WordPress

Although WordPress is a fantastic platform for building sites, there are a few things that are quite annoying. Every time there is a new update i keep thinking they are going to get rid of these features, but alas, they don’t. so here’s a video to help you modify and personalise your creation.


Evolution Of A Successful WordPress Site

The popularity of WordPress has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Studies show that over half of the websites that you visit on the internet are now actually made with WordPress. WordPress has been continually designing new features to put the power of web building into the hands of your average Joe. It […]

Build a WordPress Site

Just to wet your¬†appetite before we put up our videos on building a WordPress site, here’s a useful tutorial showing you the process of creating an Amazing site.

How to add a Free slider to WordPress

If you’ve ever thought it would be nice to have a slider on your WordPress site, but didn’t want to pay a premium to get a theme with one on, here’s a great video showing you how to add one for free.